Vetiver Bundles-Fill your space with the dreamy smell of Vetiver


We can hardly keep the vetiver bundles on our shelves, so we thought it a good time to share more about these bundles and why we love them here at DANO.

The bundles are made up of Sacred Hawaiian Vetiver Roots and are a great alternative to sage for smoke cleansing your spaces. Smoke cleansing is simply the act of removing unwanted energies from a person, place or object. The smoke helps to remove the bonds that hold the energy in place and allowing that energy to shift into something neutral. The smell of the burned vetiver provides a lovely grounding experience. Helping to calm and soothe your energy, the vetiver root smoke feels your space with a sweet, woodsy, scent.

Beyond the magical scent of the bundles, the farm which grows the vetiver in Hawaii uses the vetiver for slop stabilization and erosion control on the cliff sides. The mature vetiver roots grow very deep and have high tensile strength stabilizing cliff sides creating an economical bio-engineering alternative to steel and concrete. Vetiver is scientifically proven to remove heavy metals and antibiotics in soil, and to clean waste water by reducing nitrate and phosphate levels.

To burn: ignite the roots, blow out, and let the smoke fill your space.

Vetiver bundles available here at the shop.