Norden Incense

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Handmade Incense sticks from Norden. Made With All Natural Essential Oils.

-20 Sticks per box
-Approximate 45 Minute Burn Time Per Stick

OJAI- this fragrance is a mix of balsamic frankincense, earthy patchouli, and the resinous citrus, woody scent of burning palo santo.

Notes of Frankincense, Cypress, Patchouli, Palo Santo. Smells like dry wood paneling, earthy grass, resinous citrus.


IDYLLWILD- dry, woody notes of Texas cedarwood mix with herbal sage, earthy vetiver, and a bright citrus finish.

Notes of Cedarwood, Sage, Vetiver, Citrus. Smells like dry, earthy, herbal desert sagebrush and cedar forest.


ORESUND- Balsam Fir, Grapefruit, Musk

Smells like crackling wood fire, pine needles, bright piny citrus.


JOSHUA TREE- Made with a complex blend of dry, woody hinoki, resinous juniper, eucalyptus, and extracts from herbal desert plantlife. 

Smells like deep wood tones, bright desert herbs, and eucalyptus


APTOS- with notes of Redwood, Geranium, Black Pepper, Turmeric.

Smells warm, woody, spicy, very slightly floral.


Norden is a southern California based home goods brand founded by husband and wife pair Erika and Pete Panciera.  Norden’s mission is to bring warmth and comfort to the home through carefully considered, functional objects that are produced with a high level of attention to craft.