All Things Oil

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Created to be your go-to oil for just about everything. It is specifically made with non-comedogenic skin loving oils (won't clog pores). All things oil is also  baby + kid-friendly. 

Can be used for but not limited to: 

  • face + body cleanser
  • face + body oil
  • baby cleanser + oil
  • eyebrow serum
  • shaving oil
  • diaper rash
  • nipple balm
  • makeup remover
  • massage oil and more!

Size: 2 oz bottle or 8 oz bottle 

grapeseed oil |  high in antioxidants. derived from the seeds of grapes. it is high in omega fatty acids, antioxidants, linoleic acid which is good for sensitive, acne prone skin. it's highly absorbable and known to work wonders on fine lines and aging skin.

castor oil | the go-to oil for hair growth. applying castor oil on eyebrows or eyelashes is a nightly routine for many because it encourages hair growth! its natural humectants, which moisturize the skin by preventing water loss, relieving dry skin and can help soothe inflamed skin.

jojoba oil | an oil that is closest to our own sebum. for this reason, it's highly absorbable and absolutely loved by our skin. it is non-comedogenic like all these other oils which means it won't clog pores and great for sensitive skin.

rosehip seed oil | in the word of beauty, this is the oil. typically found in high end serums just for the face, but doesn't our body also deserve the best?! the oil dates back to ancient times. the egyptians, mayans and native americans would use this for it's healing properties. full of antioxidants, vitamins A, C, and E, phenolic compounds. the oil focuses on keeping the skin hydrated, helps combats acne, protects against sun damage and reduce inflammation to name a few.

squalene (from olive) oil | mimics our own sebum which makes it an amazing emollient. it has anti-inflammatory properties which can help with redness. 

raspberry seed oil | naturally blocks UV rays (*please do not substitute this oil for sunscreen), can help combat sun damage, boosts elasticity in skin, can help fight acne or irritated skin like eczema.

strawberry seed oil |  great for dry or sensitive skin or acne prone skin. helps improve elasticity, fine lines and brings hydration.

meadowfoam seed oil | can help create a barrier to prevent moisture from escaping. again similar to our own sebum, it is non comedogenic and great for acne prone skin and can even help balance out the oils of our skin.

carrot seed oil | naturally blocks UV rays. it does have natural sunscreen benefits but please do not substitute this oil for your sunscreen. it contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which is great for any skin conditions. known to help restore and regenerate skin tissues.

frankincense resin | very healing and soothing to the skin, but the aromatherapy is also something to discuss. a sweet, woody aroma that is relaxing and mood enhancing by lowering feelings of anxiousness.

copaiba balsam resin | wild harvested. tapped the same way as maple tree's for their syrup. this mildly sweet, slightly balsamic oil is wonderful for aromatherapy. it can calm the mild and stabilize your mood. for your skin, it is very nourishing and hydrating.

extracts of lemon + orange blossom | adding a touch of citrus and floral aromas to the all things oil. it's the perfect uplift and mood booster.

Ingredients: vitis vinifera seed 'grapeseed' oil, ricinus communis seed 'castor' oil*, simmondsia chinensis seed 'jojoba' oil*, rosa canina fruit 'rosehip' seed oil*, squalane [from olive oil], rubus idaeus 'raspberry' seed oil, fragaria ananassa 'strawberry' seed oil, limnanthes alba 'meadowfoam' seed oil, daucus carota sativa 'carrot' seed oil, boswellia serreta 'frankincense' resin extract, citrus aurantium 'orange blossom' extract, citrus limonum 'lemon' extract, copaifera officinalis 'copaiba balsam' resin extract. *organic