All Over Color ~ Various Colors

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Manasai 7' s All Over Colour is an award-winning versatile organic, natural and wild harvested lip and cheek colour, as well as a cream eye shadow in one product. It can be worn in limitless ways, built up from a subtle shade to a statement look, or layered with our other colours to create stunning new shades.


  • Multi-use for lips, cheeks and eyes.This creamy and nourishing formula can be worn alone or mixed together for a custom shade.   
  • Use the warmth of your skin's fingertips and apply sparingly and blend out. Repeat application for a more intense colour on lips or cheeks. 
  • The pigments are very concentrated so a little goes a long way.
  • Preferred application technique – Fingertips or lip/foundation brush.


Bisque (Light warm rosy brown)- "A barely there, neutral rosy brown hue with a touch of warmth."  This barely there hue with a touch of warmth. Toeing the line between beige, pink, brown and subtle orange, Bisque suits everyone and gives your face a fresh look.

Alizarin (Blueish red)- "A deep contemporary cool red." This must-have shade is deep classic red that has cooler undertones. For a stained red lip look, just barely apply. A good red for a classic statement red lip. For that fresh outdoor-look, just dab it gently on lips and cheeks. 

Sanguinello (Coral peach)- “A bright yet sophisticated coral for the summer vibes." Sanguinello is a perfect coral pinkish/orange shade. This shade can appear more coral pink on some skin tones and lips, and more coral orange on others, it depends on your own undertone or your skin´s ph. Coral is a mix between soft red and orange, a warm colour that instantly brightens the face. You can gently dab this shade shade on your lips, cheeks and eyes for the sporty and fresh look or apply it on your cheeks and eyes and match it with a warm, neutral lip colour. 

Gazania (Light peachy brown) - “Inspired by the Ceylon cinnamon, this neutral brownish peachy shade brings out those warm undertones. With hues of neutral brown, cinnamon and peach, All over colour Gazania is flattering on anyone — no matter if you are fair, medium or deep.  For cheeks, think of this shade as a blush and bronzer mixed together in one product. Gazania is born to help you pull off a bronzed or ombré lip look. On lips it looks stunning as the perfect neutral warm shade. 

Setsunai- (Coral orange red) “Inspired by the richness and warmth of the sunset tones, this is the ultimate coral for lips and cheeks”.  A captivating tangerine shade.  Perfect for both day and evening wear All Over Colour, Setsunai is inspired by the richness and warmth of the sunset tones and is the ultimate coral for lips and cheeks. With a mix of red, orange and a hint of pink, this is the go-to shade for spring, summer and early fall and for adding a touch of colour all year round.  With its lively and radiant tones, coral Setsunai will add warmth to any skin tone, while brightening up your complexion and giving an uplifting vibe.