Crosby Hair Perfume

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CROSBY Hair Perfume's were designed out of necessity for those in between hair-washing days. After applying a dry shampoo, disperse several mists throughout your hair or spray around your aura for an immediate mood lifter.

Hair Perfumes are not a styling product, and will neither dry out the hair, nor make it oily. This is due to the extra fine mister. We recommend dispensing 2-6 sprays, between 4"-8" from the hair for the best application,

EMERALD is an exotic blend of forest foliage, earthy resins and citrusy woods. Key Notes: COPAIBA BALSAM – PALO SANTO – CYPRESS

GARNET is a rich, rosy floral with undertones of spice and wood.                       Key Notes: ATLAS CEDAR – ROSE ATTAR – BERGAMOT

OPAL is a delicate mix of honey-sweet florals, tangy fruits and grounding sandalwood.  Key Notes: HONEYSUCKLE – PINK GRAPEFRUIT – SANDALWOOD

TOPAZ is an alluring fusion of bitter citrus blossoms, spicy pepper and sweet amber.  Key Notes: LAVENDER – NEROLI – AMBER

 Size: 2 ounce bottle