Guided Breathwork JUNE 25th 6:00pm

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Join us for a wholesome evening of slowing down and reconnecting to yourself with conscious breathwork. Guided by Natasha Stewart 

WHEN: TUESDAY, JUNE 25TH at 6:00pm


What to bring with you: yoga mat, a blanket, and anything else you need to feel comfortable while laying down.

The session will begin with a short meditation, instruction, 50 minutes of conscious connected breathwork, space for a deeply integrative rest, followed by warming tea and optional sharing.

Please visit to sign up and claim your spot. 

More about your breathwork experience-

We will be using an active style of Breathwork to drop into the body, giving us access to all the juicy material waiting to be seen, heard, loved-up, processed or released. 

Breathwork is a powerful tool to connect us with stored emotions in the body so that we can release anything that no longer benefits our well-being, leaving us replenished, lighter and free.

This modality builds our resilience and capacity to feel and decode the language of the body. Deliciously expanding our relationship to our intuition and bodies guidance system.

Breathwork often assists in the subconscious process of unearthing old beliefs that keep us stuck and disconnected. When we bring the unconscious into the light, we can start to massage and reform these deeply rooted thoughts. This gives us the power to lean into and move beyond what was once an obstacle on our heart's path. With each breath we can sink more deeply into our self expression and the realm of possibilities. This practice facilitates a deeper connection to the core of who we are, and gives us access to more clarity on our life's journey with greater self-awareness, love and compassion for ourselves and others.