Keeper Studs with Mother of Pearl

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Embrace the gentle healing power of the sea with the soothing energy of Mother of Pearl.

Nestled delicately within the organically shaped three-pronged Keeper settings, the Mother of Pearl radiates its tranquil aura. Technically known as "nacre," this crystallized mineral compound forms on the inner shell layer of select mollusks. Saltwater oysters, abalone, and freshwater mussels secrete nacre to fortify their shells, offering protection against potential threats.

With the Keeper Studs, carry the protective and calming energy of Mother of Pearl wherever you go, allowing its serene presence to guide you through life's journey.

*Please note: Mother of Pearl gems are one of a kind and may vary.


  • hand cast sterling silver or bronze stud earrings.
  • Sterling silver posts + backs.
  • 10 mm across
  • 6 mm Mother of Pearl gems.