Winter Lip Nourishment Duo

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Wild Orange + Fennel Lip Polisher  &  Cocoa, Peppermint, & Wild Pine Lip Balm

This duo is a sweet treat for dry winter lips. A tiny dollop of this polisher will slough away rough areas while offering a first layer of moisture and revealing smooth skin ready for a protective layer of balm. This gift comes in a cotton drawstring bag that can be reused as a tea bag and washed for continued use.  Each potion is housed in a 7ml ultraviolet glass tub. 

Wild Orange & Fennel Lip Polisher 

A delight for the senses and a smoothing treat for winter lips.
Organic Fair trade Sugar and Shea + golden cold pressed Jojoba & Castor Oil meets Organic Fennel, Wild Orange, Wild Cedar Atlas.

Organic/wildcrafted Ingredients:  Cupuacu butter, kokum butter, beeswax, pomegranate seed oil, castor oil, vitamin e, cocoa co2, essential oils of peppermint, artisanal wildcrafted pine, and nutmeg. For optimum freshness, use within 12 mths.

Cocoa, Peppermint & Wild Pine Lip Balm

Thicker and denser than your average lip balm, this butter coats the lips in protective seal while healing cracks and giving you suppleness and glow.
A base of cold pressed and wild harvested Brazilian Cupuacu Butter, Organic Kokum butter, nourishing Organic Pomegranate Seed Oil and Local Honey Scented Beeswax creates a thicker than average layer of healing and protection with organic Cocoa CO2 & Peppermint, a hint of Artisan Distilled Wild Pine and Wild Cedar Atlas.

Organic/wildcrafted Ingredients: Fair trade sugar, shea nut butter, castor oil, jojoba oil, vitamin e, essential oils of fennel, wild orange, and cedar wood atlas.  Keep water out of jar. For optimum freshness, use within 4-6 mths.

To Use the Duo: Take your tiny dollop and gently rub it over the lips in tiny circles with a little water if needed. Rinse and pat dry, (try not to wipe off your first layer of moisture).  If your balm is cold, warm in your pocket a view minutes. With the back of your thumb nail, take a lentil size drop of Lip Balm (you will notice it's quite hard before warming on your lips - this is intentional to help create thick barrier to the elements) apply thickly over the lips…enjoy the scent of winter solstice!